Sandworm: A new era of cyberwar and the hunt for the Kremlin’s most dangerous hackers

By Andy Greenberg

I was pleasantly surprised by Andy Greenberg’s dramatic recount of recent cybersecurity events, which included valuable insight into the progression of cyberwarfare tactices to include real-world impact on infrastructure. 

It was helpful to have a high-level review of these events in a style that was highly engaging. I found myself still amazed and horrified to hear the gory details of the NotPetya attack and the damage unleashed within the US as well as in Russia, as well as the power system attacks leading up to in in Georgia and Ukraine. It’s clear that the era of cyberwarfare has already arrived.

Greenberg’s storytelling ability makes this a captivating work, even for those already familiar with the subjects he covers, but it also stands on its own. He takes time to not only wade into the dubious field of attribution, but to digest and reevaluate the relationship of subgroups, eventually seeming to settle on a collaborative model.

This was an entertaining and informative book, which I would feel comfortable recommending to people interestered in this area, no matter whatt their background and experience.

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